Social Housing Explained

rental housing option for lower income urban families

Social Housing is one form of rental housing delivery in the South African housing market. There are many other forms of housing ranging from informal (shacks/shelters and back yard dwellings) to formal (RDP Houses, Social Housing, Gap Housing and the Bond Market).

Social Housing is regulated by the Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA). See their web site SHRA has a mandate to Invest, Regulate and Promote Social Housing as a viable means of housing through accredited Social Housing Institutions (SHI’s). Sohco is a Social Housing Institution which develops, owns and manages Social Housing in Durban, East London and Cape Town.

What is Social Housing defined as?

“A RENTAL housing option for low income persons at a level of scale and built form which requires institutionalised management and which is provided by accredited social housing institutions …” ~ Social Housing Policy – Part 3 of the National Housing Code 2009

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