Types of Units

Types of Units and Amenities

Sohco’s complexes offers a range of unit types and sizes. The units are generally in 2, 3 or 4 storey walk up buildings configured to allow the best use of the natural topography.

In each of the cities there are the following units:

  • Bachelor units (Accommodates maximum 2 persons)
  • 1 Bedroom units (Accommodates maximum 3 persons)
  • 2 Bedroom units (Accommodates maximum 5 persons)
  • 3 Bedroom units (Accommodates a maximum of 7 persons – only available at Amalinda, East London)

The maximum number of occupants in each unit type cannot be exceeded as this complies with health regulations to avoid overcrowding. Matching unit types with the number of people occupying the units is an important part of the application process. Other considerations are unit positions (which floor) particularly for the elderly and for parents with small children.


Complex Amenities

Steen Villa complex has individual solar water heaters which considerably reduce electricity consumption, while providing hot water.
All units have DSTV aerial / dish connection points.
All complexes have 24 hour security at entrance points and access control.
All complexes (except Port View in Durban CBD) have drive-in access and parking within the complex.
All complexes have individual pre-paid electricity meters.
All complexes apply an exact usage charge for water. Every unit has an individual water meter which is read on a monthly basis.
Special needs units are available and where necessary will be fitted to suit the particular requirement or need.

At our complexes the focus has been environmentally friendly design, quality living spaces, and spatial integration.

Our complexes are situated in urban areas, close to amenities, public facilities, transport, and employment opportunities.

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You can find accommodation in East London, Cape Town and Durban