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When Renting an Apartment

Here is some information you might find useful. Please browse through our website for more information on the criteria and application process for renting an apartment with SOHCO.

When Renting an Apartment

Please note the following:

Debit Orders

Sohco requires new tenants to sign up for debit orders to pay rent. There are many reasons for this including the fact that it is cost effective and takes the worry out of remembering to pay rent. It also eliminates the need for tenants to carry cash to banks.

Cash Deposit Fees

When debit orders bounce and tenants pay cash at banks, Sohco is charged a deposit fee. This fee is then “on charged” to the tenant. Once again, a good reason to pay with a debit order.

Focus and Neighbourhood Watch Groups

Sohco encourages the formation of Focus Groups within the complexes. The idea of these groups is for tenants to have a platform to voice concerns, discuss social issues and to participate in the overall stability of the complex. Neighbourhood watch groups contribute to the smooth running and safety of the complexes.

Costs to be aware of….

Over and above your rent, there are other monthly costs to consider;

  • Initially there is your deposit (2 x monthly rent plus your first month’s rent i.e. 3 months’ rent).
  • Electricity is supplied through a pre-paid meter at your cost.
  • Water is consumption based. Each unit is metered and is billed for their actual usage.
  • Some municipalities also charge for refuse collection and fire compliance. These charges are also billed to you, the tenant.
  • Depending on the City, the combined cost of water, electricity, refuse and fire can be approximately R500 or more per month.
    Other periodic costs are;
  • Maintenance – a tenant is responsible for the internal maintenance of their unit, including light bulbs, door handles, locks, toilet seats and broken flushing mechanisms (all detailed in the lease and the house rules).
  • Legal Costs – if a tenant is in rental arrears and is handed over to an attorney to collect rent, legal costs would be for the tenant’s account. 


When tenants cannot pay their rent for any reason Sohco encourages them to discuss the problem with their local Tenant Liaison Officer to reach an agreement on payment. Terms and conditions vary but most often the tenant would then need to pay their monthly rent plus a portion extra to reduce their arrears.


Sohco blacklists non-paying tenants who ignore requests to pay or who refuse to enter into an arrangement to pay.


Sohco does not take the process of evicting tenants lightly, however when tenants fail to pay their rent on time this causes a cash flow problem within Sohco and unless an arrangement can be made, Sohco has no choice but to proceed with the eviction process. This is always a last resort.

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In order to qualify for social housing, an applicant must meet the criteria and pass the required assessments