Renting an Apartment with SOHCO

All units are rental only

Sohco has a range of criteria that must be complied with in order to further progress an application. These are listed below and are an important part of the initial phase to determine which potential tenants match Sohco’s application requirements. An important consideration is the number of people intending to stay in the unit. This determines the size of unit that must be available to avoid overcrowding.

1. Enquiries

The first step in the process starts with an initial enquiry to rent. Enquiries can be made at any Sohco office and through this website.
At all Sohco’s complexes, a pre-screening of applicants takes place either as a face to face meeting or via this website’s Online Enquiry Portal. We encourage potential applicants to use this website’s Online Enquiry Portal as this speeds up the process.

2. Pre-screening

An initial screening is completed to determine eligibility, as per the information provided on the Online Enquiry Form. An applicant may be asked to send through household ID documents and Pay Slips.
Income for an application is calculated as gross family income and should be below R22 000 per month. Minimum income levels vary between developments and are also dependent on unit types. 
When a unit becomes available, a suitable applicant is found for the unit. The applicant (already having passed the pre-screening process) is invited to collect an applicantion form to begin a formal and stringent application process.

3. Application process

An application form is a personalised form to be completed by the applicant and must be handed back within a stipulated time period, along with all the necessary back up documentation used to determine if the applicant qualifies. All applications are subject to credit checks and affordability assessments.
The information / documentation required when completing an application form includes:

  • Certified copy of your ID
  • Certified copy of marriage certificate if married (divorce certificate or death certificate, if applicable)
  • Certified copy of birth certificate or identity document of dependants / occupants
  • Proof of previous residence
  • Proof of permanent residence if you are not a South African citizen
  • Original current pay slip and a certified copy (of all those working, as per occupants stated on the application form)
  • Original last three months bank statements

If an application is approved for a particular unit, the applicant is notified and will be called to discuss and collect a sample lease agreement. The lease contains all the relevant personal information of the potential tenant as well as the unit details, rental amount, deposit amount, and the legal obligations of both parties. At this point the lease is un-signed and Sohco advises potential tenants to read over the lease, discuss the contents, and seek legal advice if necessary before signing a final copy.

During this period, a viewing is arranged for the specific unit or in some cases a similar unit. Once the potential tenant is happy with the lease, and the unit he/she will be allocated, the application process will be finalised and the agreement with Sohco completed.

4. Lease Agreement

Upon receiving final approval, the potential tenant will be required to pay an initial deposit, which is generally (2) months rental, as well as the first month’s rent prior to occupation. The potential tenant is then called in to sign a lease agreement. Sohco advises potential tenants never to sign a lease under pressure and to be sure that they can afford the unit prior to committing themselves.

Once the lease is signed by the potential tenant, Sohco checks that all the relevant information is correct and that the deposit is paid as well as the first month’s rent. When all the details are confirmed Sohco signs the lease and the keys are handed over, and arrangements for the move in of the new tenant are made.

During the signing process, all new tenants are taken through another tenant training session which includes what social housing is, their responsibilities and Sohco’s responsibilities as per the lease agreement, and the house rules of the complex.

Please note:

Sohco employees will never accept cash from tenants or applicants. All monetary transactions take place through traceable banking procedures.

View Qualifying Criteria

In order to qualify for social housing, an applicant must meet the criteria and pass the required assessments